Northern Windows Measures your Roof and Walls … from the Sky!

Northern Windows Measures your Roof and Walls … from the Sky! Roofing and siding companies once had to spend hours with ladders and tape measures to figure out the size of a job. Now companies like Northern Windows, Siding, Roofing and Insulation can get the precise dimensions of your walls and roof: the area of each section, the pitch, the length of ridges and eaves, from the sky, using software developed by EagleView Technologies. EagleView was just awarded a U.S. patent on its method to derive roof measurements from aerial photos, an accomplishment that gives the Seattle company an edge over software competitors. We use EagleView to accurately measure and create estimates for our clients’ siding, windows and roofing. Read more about the Eagleview technology here. Eagleview,jpg“We put your address into EagleView’s website, the company pulls existing aerial photos of that property. The software uses this to generate a model of the roof surface, extrapolating measurements and slopes from images taken at different angles. Then a technician reviews the renderings and photos and emails us a report,” says Michael Furman, owner of Northern Windows, Siding, Roofing and Insulation.

In recent years, aerial and satellite photos have become abundant and detailed enough to show most U.S. buildings from several angles, and companies have emerged to turn those images into useful renderings. “Anything that will help with accuracy is a great idea. It gives us a high resolution aerial image of the customer’s home. It also includes a length diagram showing color-coded details and total line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing and step flashing. Besides roofing, we can also order a wall report from EagleView for accurate measurements for siding jobs. It allows us to be spot on when we order material for our jobs, and more precise with every estimate to give our clients,” says Mr. Furman. EagleView puts together detailed roof renderings using aerial photos from public sources, such as county land records, or databases. Its software matches up edges, colors, and shapes to create a three-dimensional image of the roof. “This method is more precise and less cumbersome for roofers and siders than the old-fashioned way. Furman says. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to save our clients time, energy and money. EagleView has been a great asset to our business and to our customers.”