Thermal Imaging: How Leaky is Your Home?

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating conditions below the surfaces of your home. Because everything from leaky windows to wet insulation affects the surrounding temperature, heat-sensitive photography can reveal these and other issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography.

Northern Windows Thermal Imaging.Using thermal imaging reports, we can document a hidden issue needing corrective action. You can see exactly where cold air is entering the home or heat is being lost, along with energy dollars. Thermal photography lets us deliver a more thorough and in-depth report to our clients when you can see what lies beneath the surface. It’s used for our installations of windows, doors, siding, insulation and roofs.

“We purchased this specialized equipment and now create side by side photo of the before and after work we do. This way, our customers immediately see the value of our work.” said Mike Furman, President.


With Thermal Imaging, we can
See gaps in insulation and fill them
Diagnose leaky windows and doors and replace them
See problems with siding & roofs and fix them
We find the problems, solve them and save you money

We’ll SHOW you the before and after thermal images of your home.

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