Winners of Replace My Roof Photo Contest Have Wish Fulfilled

The Times Herald Record teamed up with Northern Windows Siding and Roofing to give one lucky family a brand new residential roof, valued up to $4,995. Over 40 people submitted a photo of their old roof, along with a short explanation of why they needed a new one. Our panel of judges narrowed down the entries based on the appearance of the roofs and the entrants’ need.

The panel selected the Miceli family of Westtown, NY.

On the chilly morning of November 30th, Mike Furman and his team from Northern Windows came to the Miceli household to perform the roof replacement. Chris Miceli was on hand to talk about the job and why he felt motivated to enter the contest.

We moved into the house around 2002”, Miceli explained, detailing that the roof was not in very good shape at that point. “After [Hurricane] Sandy in 2012, it got really bad.” He demonstrated how shingles fly off of the roof whenever a strong wind blows, picking up fragments around his yard. “I don’t normally enter contests like this. I always feel like there are people who are more deserving with their houses in shambles, but my wife convinced me to enter this one.” He went on to say that a leak had developed in their master bedroom, and that this was a big motivator in buckling down and entering the contest.

I’m speechless. This is like an early Christmas gift for me and my family”, Miceli went on. “It’s an amazing prize. I’m so grateful to the guys at Northern Windows. I know how big of a job this is since I’ve worked on roofs before.

The new roof affords the Miceli family an opportunity to finally show off their Christmas light setup. “My parents gave us Christmas lights a long time ago, and now we can finally use them. I tried to attach the lights to the house once, but the roof wasn’t sturdy enough to hold them up.”

Roof Before Northern WindowsRoof After Northern Windows

Standing with Miceli in his driveway among several utility trucks, loaded with materials to tackle the days’ job, was Mike Furman and a few members of his Northern Windows team. “It’s important for us to give back to our community, because our community does a lot for us. We’re a shop local company, and our local customers support us,” said Furman. In addition, he explained, Northern Windows sponsors an area Little League team.

“We actually came out and gave Chris an estimate in 2012,” Furman went on. “I would say the roof needed to be replaced 5 years ago.” When asked about the state of the roof, he noted that it looked to be intended as a maximum 25-year lifecycle, but had been in place for at least 30-35 years.

Once the job is done, in order to help increase the longevity of a new roof, Frank Giannico of Northern Windows offered, “Keep the gutters clear once the leaves finish falling, then again in June.”

Furman and Giannico detailed that the job being done for Miceli would be under the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, which is good for 50 years and is transferrable. Miceli reiterated his thanks to Furman and the Northern Windows team, indicating that this area and his ability to live comfortably here mean a lot to him. “I grew up 2 miles from here. I used to play basketball across the street when I was a kid.” Mike Furman and the Northern Windows team would like to give a special thanks to GAF for donating the roofing shingles, and ABC Supply for donating the plywood and some accessories needed to perform the job.

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