With only simple care and cleaning, your windows and doors can keep their beautiful appearance for years to come. Vinyl won’t pit, peel or flake over time, but like any surface exposed to outside elements, your windows and doors will get dirty from time to time. Often, heavy rains will wash the vinyl clean, but if the rain isn’t enough, you can restore the brilliance of the windows and doors by following these simple instructions.

    • Wash using mild detergent (if necessary) and a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled soft bristle brush. Do not wash the windows or doors with a high-pressure spray. The extreme pressure could crack or destroy the caulking around the window or door.
    • For difficult to remove dirt and stains use the readily available household cleansers listed on the chart. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use of the cleansers.
    • In some cases you may wish to use a mildly abrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub® but the use of any abrasive material could scratch the surface of the glass and window or door frame.
    • Do not use liquid grease remover, strong soaps and detergents containing organic solvents, nail polish remover, furniture polish or cleansers containing chlorine bleach. These items could affect the surface appearance of the vinyl.

Thanks to Polaris Technologies for this information.